Why US

  • We offer a Free EAP option
  • We leverage technology to provide high quality superior EAP services unmatched by any in the industry by providing instant worldwide multilingual therapy for the most affordable rates possible.
  • Talk Fully Anonymously with our Therapists (When employee pays out pocket)
  • No Appointments Necessary
  • Therapists and advisors are ready to answer your call now on demand around the clock
  • TherapyLine provides a direct connection with therapists worldwide 24 hours a day
  • TherapyLine EAP improves your growth, retention, and productivity
  • We provide feedback and reports to employers regarding usage and work related issues that may be leading to employee stress while keeping employee identity confidential
  • Reduce Employee Absenteeism
  • Direct Access: Employees call the psychologist, Therapist, financial advisors and nutritionists directly
  • Quick Response: The first counseling session occurs within moments, or worse case will happen within a few days, and an issue is dealt with immediately
  • Professional: Counselors have their masters or Doctorate degree in clinical psychology, and are experts in human behaviour, financial advisors are educated and experienced in financial advising, our nutritionists are educated and experienced in providing nutrition advice
  • Confidentiality: The employer never knows who uses the service under the free plan
  • Helping employees resolve their individual, marital, family, finance, nutrition and job performance problems
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